Sairoop Technologies

We specialize in Salesforce implementation, customization and integration’s, B2B, B2C, web services and Marketing Automation. Having done countless Salesforce implementations by this point, Sairoop Technologies has led SFDC implementations for various clients from beginning to end. Sairoop offers a complete set of CRM cloud applications, platforms and infrastructure. We have expertise in developing enterprise application and Rich user interfaces and our highly talented team has enabled us to provide cutting edge products and services par excellence. Sairoop’s greatest accomplishments are the success stories of their clients. 

Rupali Raghavan


Rupali Raghavan is the Founder and CEO at Sairoop Technologies, LLC. Ms. Raghavan has a dual Masters – in Physics and another in Computer Information System. She started her career as a professor teaching Physics to graduate students, slowly transitioning and working as a software team lead. She knew she was destined to be an entrepreneur and made the decision to start her own company. Her journey from India to US and to her current role as founder/CEO of Sairoop Technologies, has been nothing short of an American dream. She chose to dream big and started Sairoop Technologies , quitting her day job and, instead, developing enterprise software for big companies. She slowly started hiring developers and putting together a team that could truly make a difference.

Rupali Raghavan has translated her basement-based technology startup crafted solely upon a single laptop (and her personal ingenuity, innovation and commitment), into Sairoop Technologies – one of the most successful and fastest growing IT companies in the Denver Metro Area.

Aside from work, Rupali likes to run, meditate, practice Yoga and spend time with her family.