Salesforce Data Migration

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Best Practices for Data Migration to Salesforce

Today, CRM is shifting toward cloud computing. Instead of buying and maintaining expen­sive servers and software to manage customer conversations and information, companies use Web-based (“cloud”) appli­cations to run their CRM and enjoying a higher return on investment. New technologies are making it easier to provide high reliability, performance and security with an uptime exceeding 99.9%, blazing data access speed (less than 300 ms) and industry certifications such as ISO27001.

What’s the best way to migrate your critical data from an outdated legacy system directly into Salesforce? Data integrity, record tracking and a smooth transition is what makes your overall conversion a success. Our consultants ensure the process is fast, reliable and seamless.

Whether this is your first time using Salesforce or you’re merging and consolidating with another organization, we’re here to assist with planning and executing the data migration process using tools like:

  • Data Loader command line with prebuilt db connectors
  • Data
  • Informatica
  • Custom Migration using SQL Server/Oracle for staging/cleansing

Based on analysis of the Salesforce data you plan to migrate, we can create a custom solution, drawing on our expertise and extensive experience for best results.  Your plan is a repeatable process that can run in the staging sandbox environment, be analyzed, reported and once accepted, moved over to production.

Key Considerations for Your Salesforce Data Migration

Some important points to consider as you begin planning for your data migration:

  • Is your data clean and complete?
  • Are there any duplicates that need to be removed?
  • Do you need all the data you currently store or is it time to make changes?
  • Should you add any additional/custom fields?
  • Who is using this data and where does it originate?
  • Have you confirmed that the naming conventions are consistent throughout the data?
  • Do you want to do any data transformations (e.g. NC to North Carolina)?

Sales, marketing and service pros in any industry need an easy-to-use Salesforce interface. We provide complete freedom to customize your sales initiatives, promote adoption by users and seamlessly fold into your existing processes. Today, marketing automation is the way you organize and capitalize on qualified leads, turning prospects into customers. Our expertise with customizing marketing automation products like Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot and more takes the complexity out of the marketing automation implementations and bridges the technology gap for your marketing managers

Easing the Transition: Because we specialize in migration and implementation, we understand the transition process, how to get compliance approval, and how to advance with small steps that are measurable in the overall solution. We provide training to boost adoption by all levels of users, fostering a customer-focused strategy all along the way. Stay ahead of your competition by understanding your prospects/customers and knowing more about what they need, giving you the edge against others in your industry.

Salesforce Insights into Solutions that Drive Sales 

All the information you need, at your fingertips anywhere, anytime. That’s what you can expect from your sales/service cloud solution. Across all your social accounts, mobile access and analytics, your team can collaborate and close deals faster and more easily.

Forecasting accuracy is improved and your productivity soars. Optimize your campaigns on all your channels and make smarter decisions. Salesforce cloud services combine all your insights to guide your investments and marketing activities to impact the bottom line.

This is just a starting point. Taking the time to consider the details is an important part of best practices for your data migration to Salesforce and will ensure an easier transition, better data and easier user adoption. We work with you to address all this and more as we devise just the right solution for your migration.

Choose the Salesforce Data Migration specialists at Sairoop to help plan and execute a smooth transition of data. Please contact us or call 720-219-3430 to speak with one of our consultants.