Salesforce Customization Services

Our Salesforce services allow you to focus on your business.

We’ll Do The Work…

You just concentrate on your business.

Instead of expending resources on your own IT team to handle Salesforce updates, data migration, training, implementation and development, Sairoop provides its expertise and experience, to transform your CRM process. There is significant assessment, planning, and strategy involved in the migration and we are skilled in delivering these services to enterprise organizations.

Employ the scalability responsiveness and cost-efficiencies that cloud computing offers to customize, expand and implement all the features and functions of your Salesforce CRM…no need for hardware, software upgrades or maintenance headaches. That means spending your time and money on your core business, servicing your customers and bringing new offerings to market: gaining an edge.

Key Challenges

Top challenges to implementing cloud-based services.

  • Evaluating the cost of current infrastructure/processes as compared to the operating efficiencies of moving to the cloud.
  • Gaining a complete understanding of the security and compliance requirements as it affects your organization and current practices.
  • Crafting a strategy for change that involves user training, adoption and seamless transition from the existing system to the new system.
  • Planning for the migration and implementation that provides the best business benefit and efficiency.

Sairoop Benefits

Benefits of Sairoop’s Salesforce Customization Services.

  • Successfully and efficiently transform the way you utilize Salesforce services by incorporating our extensive experience in end-to-end cloud solutions.
  • Reduce your time to market and maximize ROI using our strategic processes and technical expertise.
  • Analyze, design, implement and deploy your cloud components with confidence using out highly structured and proven plans.
  • Find solutions that exceed all industry software development standards and reduce your operating costs, allowing for improved scalability and efficiencies.

Cloud Services

Cloud is a powerful enabler of process improvement and business transformation. As such, cloud technology is not just another IT advancement, but is embraced by insightful executives for its utility in business administration. Cloud is an indispensable tool, bringing cost savings, speed, and flexibility to modern organizations, while allowing decision makers to realize new opportunities that it creates.

Sairoop helps its clients transition to and maximize usage of the cloud-enabled world. Specifically, we consult with customers to identify strategic opportunities and leverage cloud to capitalize on them.

Is it time for a CRM solution for your business?

Salesforce Services

Make the shift to the cloud

Today, CRM is shifting to cloud computing. Instead of buying and maintaining your own servers and software for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) activities such as retaining customer information, conversations, call schedules, etc., various cloud applications can be integrated to meet your specific needs.  Sairoop is a leader in Cloud computing, offering development and customization for your complete set of Cloud applications. Our certified cloud computing team can make your smooth transition to the cloud seem effortless.

Apps that work the way you do

Your CRM apps can seamlessly integrate all of your data with sales and pipeline information, deploy multiple campaigns, capture your conversion processes and align Salesforce with other cloud apps as well as critical intranet processes. We have the expertise to provide customized CRM models with the ability to integrate your cloud apps with your local, on-site applications.
Make it easy for your sales, marketing and service pros to use your CRM tools. One of the best ways to boost adoption is to make sure your Salesforce works the way you do by developing customized apps specifically for your business. You can expect:

  • Reliability – Uptime that exceeds 99.9%
  • Performance – Access data in less than 300ms
  • Security – Certifications such as ISO27001 & SAS 70 Type I

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Whether you’re looking for a basic CRM package or want to build something unique with the capability to scale as you grow, we can help. Integrating your existing systems and tools is not a problem. You can rely on our extensive experience and team of certified Salesforce Cloud professionals to develop the best solution for your needs.

Salesforce Integration Services 

Integrate Salesforce with Back End System like SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and More

Integrating your applications with Salesforce is not only convenient, it’s a necessity in business today. Your systems need to talk to each other and lose nothing in the translation. It’s never been easy to combine diverse technologies, but thankfully, cloud-based platforms are reducing the time and expense of enterprise application integrations.

CRM integration is especially critical since success in sales requires a seamless exchange of data with your operation and corporate database, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and other key sources of customer information.

Your sales team have done a stellar job is closing a lot of opportunities, now your operation team need to live up to the sales promises and deliver excellence in the products and services, let us help you bridge the gap between the sales and the operations team in creating a state of the art integrated enterprise model. An environment where the sales, service, billing systems can coexist and thrive.

Our expertise is in integrations salesforce with SQL Server, Oracle, Siebel, Microsoft Dynamics, Billing systems, Sugar CRM, Custom API, Web Services based integrations. Whether you need custom .NET /Java based solutions or help configuring third party middleware’s like Information Cloud, Informatica Real-time, Informatica Powercenter, Mulesoft, Boomi, Cast Iron, Jitterbit, or wanted to go Command line Data Loader route we can help and get you there faster than any other integration partner out there.

Integrating Salesforce with Outlook or Gmail for effortless email communications, or seamlessly working with WordPress, QuickBooks, HubSpot or any other legacy, web or cloud-based system, Sairoop has the expertise to resolve your challenges.

We guide you every step of the way in your Salesforce integration and can even take ownership of the complete process end-to-end, so you can concentrate on the customers and other business priorities.

Salesforce Data Migration

Best Practices for Data Migration to Salesforce

What’s the best way to migrate your critical data from an outdated legacy system directly into Salesforce? Data integrity, record tracking and a smooth transition is what makes your overall conversion a success. Our consultants ensure the process is fast, reliable and seamless.

Whether this is your first time using Salesforce or you’re merging and consolidating with another organization, we’re here to assist with planning and executing the data migration process using tools like:

  • Data Loader
  • Data
  • Informatica
  • Custom Migration using SQL Server/Oracle for staging/cleansing

We understand the criticality of your data and provide our expertise and tools to ensure proper data mapping documents are created. Based on analysis of the Salesforce data you plan to migrate, we can create a custom solution, drawing on our expertise and extensive experience for best results. Whether migrating standard objects such as:

User Contact Product Record Type
Campaign Opportunity Cases Attachment
Lead Pricebook Task E-mail Message
Account Contact Role Event Case Comment

or any combinations of custom objects, you will develop a smooth transition plan that allows for tracking the status of every record from source to destination. Your plan is a repeatable process that can run in the staging sandbox environment, be analyzed, reported and once accepted, moved over to production.

Key Considerations for your Salesforce Data Migration

  • Is your data clean and complete?
  • Are there any duplicates that need to be removed?
  • Do you need all the data you currently store or is it time to make changes?
  • Should you add any additional/custom fields?
  • Who is using this data and where does it originate?
  • Have you confirmed that the naming conventions are consistent throughout the data?
  • Do you want to do any data transformations?

This is just a starting point. Taking the time to consider the details is an important part of best practices for your data migration to Salesforce and will ensure an easier transition, better data and easier user adoption. We work with you to address all this and more as we devise just the right solution for your migration.

Salesforce Change Management

Using Salesforce to Manage Changes in Features and Updates

Change is a constant in business today.  You receive requests from your sales/marketing teams for new features, new software updates are released, and your customer service team has discovered a better way to provide follow-up and assistance…, so you need to make changes to your Salesforce platform.

The cloud allows you to move quickly, to embrace new technologies and create superior solutions. We understand that your primary focus is always on customer satisfaction and that change is inevitable. Akarsys has a proven, systematic approach using proven change management practices.

Ease into the transition:

  • Keep power users involved every step of the way
  • Remain customer-focused, providing what they need and considering what they may need next
  • Consider new ways to edge out the competition
  • Understand and review the solutions
  • Make small steps with measurable iterations

Embracing the cloud allows you to take a giant leap by greatly reducing the time to market.  With proven tools and processes, it can make a transition to your future systems and new interfaces much more efficient, without any investment in infrastructure or new products.

Our Approach

The key steps in implementing a successful transition plan:

  • Develop your strategy: determine which changes are major or minor & the resources required
  • Gain approval from the appropriate executive: to establish the key objectives & offer support
  • Solicit end-user input & ideas: collect and monitor the frequency of various requests
  • Determine the transition’s scope and likely impacts: understand which functional areas will be affected and how users will interact with new interfaces
  • Organize and Prioritize: determine which changes should be implemented first
  • Design and test your changes: use the sandbox to try out your enhancement before deploying
  • Engage users and provide guidance about changes: set expectations and train on sandbox enhancements before going live
  • Implement your changes: deploy your changes in the system
  • Provide feedback and support: measure success and identify areas for future changes

Sairoop is a strong partner in managing change in the Salesforce environment. We understand the challenges you face in growing your business and are able to make your cloud services transition a seamless and smooth process.

Marketing Automation 

Optimize your marketing and sales team operations with Salesforce automation. Marketing automation aligns your teams for faster and more predictable revenue cycles and increased profitability by accelerating the sales cycle and implementing prospect-nurturing campaigns.

Using automated salesforce workflows for email and advanced lead management programs along with improved insights into your prospect’s digital behavior, helps sales and client services teams better understand, prioritize and engage your hottest leads.

Employing Salesforce marketing automation software means you can spend more time tracking and nurturing leads efficiently. More accurate information allows you to streamline your processes and expedite your prospect outreach… all leading to productive efforts that generate profits.  Workflow automation in Salesforce means more time spent planning events and campaigns and less time in processes that repetitive, waste time and are prone to error.

ONE Salesforce power user can execute your email marketing and lead nurturing – freeing up other resources for more productive activities. That means your prospects move through the sales funnel more quickly, enjoy more engagement from your staff at critical decision points and ultimately become buyers sooner than was possible  before automation.

We need to talk about other salesforce automation too like Lead Management, Opportunity managerment, Quote Sync, Case Management, Order Management, Product/Pricebook management, and more.

Use Salesforce automation to increase profits, shorten your sales cycle and provide better customer service with less effort. Please contact us or call (720) 459 8731 to speak with one of our consultants.