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Automating Your Salesforce Marketing Systems

Optimize your marketing and sales team operations with Salesforce automation. Marketing automation aligns your teams for faster and more predictable revenue cycles and increased profitability by accelerating the sales cycle and implementing prospect-nurturing campaigns.

Using automated Salesforce workflows for email and advanced lead management programs along with improved insights into your prospect’s digital behavior, helps sales and client services teams better understand, prioritize and engage your hottest leads.

Employing Salesforce marketing automation software means you can spend more time tracking and nurturing leads efficiently. More accurate information allows you to streamline your processes and expedite your prospect outreach… all leading to productive efforts that generate profits. Workflow automation in Salesforce means more time spent planning events and campaigns and less time in processes that repetitive, waste time and are prone to error.

One Salesforce power user can execute your email marketing and lead nurturing – freeing up other resources for more productive activities. That means your prospects move through the sales funnel more quickly, enjoy more engagement from your staff at critical decision points and ultimately become buyers sooner than was possible before automation.

Use Salesforce automation to increase profits, shorten your sales cycle and provide better customer service with less effort. Please contact us or call 720-219-3430 to speak with one of our consultants.