Getting Started with Salesforce

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Sairoop Starter Packs

Getting started with Salesforce can be daunting without a plan. Our vast experience over the years has led us to develop a proven plan using starter packages that make quick work of your installation. Within a very short timeframe, we partner with you to identify your requirements, design a solution that integrates your existing systems and prepares your data to migrate to the new CRM. Once your staff training is complete, users will understand how to navigate the new Salesforce CRM and discover its benefits… then it’s time to go live and start reaping the rewards of your investment.

Key Benefits of Using Starter Packs

  • Measurable improvements in your sales, marketing and customer service systems in a very short time
  • An organized, proven plan for getting started administering Salesforce in your organization
  • An repeatable strategy than can be used for additional features and future enhancements
  • A customized implantation that mirrors the way you work today; better user adoption
  • Ability to collect and report on the information that makes a difference in the bottom line

Salesforce Starter Pack

Get started with Salesforce quickly to maximize your investment and start seeing results.

  • Day Zero: We define Scope of Work
  • Day 01: Requirement Gathering Session
  • Day 02: Design/Configuration Session
  • Day 03: Joint Application Design Session
  • Day 04: Data Migration
  • Day 05: Training/Go Live

Web Automation Starter Pack

Turn your prospects into customers more quickly with Marketing Automation systems

  • Day Zero: We define Scope of Work
  • Day 01: Requirement Analysis
  • Day 02: Landing Page Design
  • Day 03: Web Integration
  • Day 04: Salesforce Configuration
  • Day 05: Training/Go Live

Custom Pack

Provide your sales, marketing and customer service teams a system that works just like they do today, but with so many more options and features to improve results

  • Completely Customized Development Plan
  • Salesforce Expert Consulting
  • Marketing Automation
  • Integration with system and processes
  • Customized Training/Go Live Support

Increase your sales and more accurately forecast expected revenues by quickly getting started with Salesforce. Your staff will be more motivated and you’ll improve your odds over the competition as you better align your sales and marketing efforts… and customer service advances will lead to more sales to existing customers.

Get started with Salesforce to maximize your investment with help from the pros at Sairoop. For more information, please contact us or call 720-219-3430.