Salesforce Training

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Admin Salesforce Training

Prepare to maximize your investment in Salesforce by taking advantage of our 5-day Salesforce Training Challenge. This comprehensive, hands-on Administration Essentials for New Admins class ensures your success with a new or existing implementation.

You can take this Salesforce admin training course in person or in a virtual classroom. Both platforms provide demonstrations, hands-on exercises and personal attention from the instructor as well as interaction with your peers. Once completed, this introductory class will enable you to take the Salesforce Admin 201 certified training. Get professional hands-on experience with the application, enhance your career path and get the most out Salesforce.

Salesforce Developer Training

As a developer, you can take this 5-day Salesforce developer training challenge leading to the Dev 401 certification to improve your business processes and enhance your career.

This Salesforce training class is also available in person or in a virtual classroom. Our developers look forward to interacting with you and passing along some of the expertise we’ve gained over the years with countless implementations. Learn from our experience customizing Salesforce and integrating with other legacy systems.

Take advantage of Salesforce training courses from Sairoop to ensure success with your CRM as well as maximize the benefits to your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Teams. Please contact us or call 720-219-3430 for more information.