Salesforce Change Management

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Using Salesforce to Manage Changes in Features and Updates

Change is a constant in business today. You receive requests from your sales/marketing teams for new features, new software updates are released, and your customer service team has discovered a better way to provide follow-up and assistance…, so you need to make changes to your Salesforce platform.

The cloud allows you to move quickly, to embrace new technologies and create superior solutions. We understand that your primary focus is always on customer satisfaction and that change is inevitable. Sairoop has a proven, systematic approach using Salesforce change management services.

Ease into the transition:

  • Keep power users involved every step of the way
  • Remain Customer-Focused, providing what they need and considering what they may need next
  • Consider new ways to edge out the competition
  • Understand and Review the solutions
  • Make small steps with measurable iterations

Our Salesforce Change Management Approach

  • Develop your strategy: determine which changes are major or minor & the resources required
  • Gain approval from the appropriate executive: to establish the key objectives & offer support
  • Solicit end-user input & ideas: collect and monitor the frequency of various requests
  • Determine the transition’s scope and likely impacts: understand which functional areas will be affected and how users will interact with new interfaces
  • Organize and Prioritize: determine which changes should be implemented first
  • Design and test your changes: use the sandbox to try out your enhancement before deploying
  • Engage users and provide guidance about changes: set expectations and train on sandbox enhancements before going live
  • Implement your changes: deploy your changes in the system
    Provide feedback and support: measure success and identify areas for future changes
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Sairoop is a strong partner in managing change in the Salesforce environment. We understand the challenges you face in growing your business and are able to make your cloud services transition a seamless and smooth process.

Call us today and speak with one of our consultants to create a Salesforce Change Management plan that keeps you on the leading edge of CRM. Please contact us or call 720-219-3430.