Salesforce Community Cloud

Cloud Services from Sairoop

Are you a customer obsessed, customer focused and customer driven company? Do you want to take your customer connections to a whole new level? Create deeper more meaningful relationships with each and every customer.

Salesforce Community Cloud is powered by advanced online community software that allows businesses of all sizes to connect to their partners, customers, employees, and business processes like never before. Using community software from Salesforce, leading companies worldwide have built customized, branded communities to integrate and simplify business processes and enable seamless collaboration across the enterprise.

How can your company connect customers, partners and employees to drive true business results?

  • Create a community of action – create branded custom communities that completely connects with your business process
  • Drive Business results from the community and take right action from the feed
  • Personalize each member’s experience and establish strong connections with the existing and new customers
  • Access the community from any device

Community Cloud lets you rapidly deploy best-in-class solution with all the benefits of the most trusted cloud computing platform in the marketplace

  • Business Integration
  • Social Feed
  • Branding/customization
  • Mobile
  • Social Intelligence
  • Templates
  • Reputation
  • Unified Platform

When it comes to users who are already engaged, Community Cloud can help to identify particular areas of interest or further knowledge. The way in which users engage with the community can make sales opportunities more apparent. If a user engages in a community regarding one of your brand’s products or services, an opportunity is created. Marketing Cloud can help to leverage this information by creating specific, user-tailored content on related topics that will help the user.

Built on the proven Salesforce1 Platform, Community Cloud is connected directly to Salesforce CRM as well as third-party systems and data sources through the Connect API so companies can connect customers, partners and employees with tools and information they need to be successful.

This is your chance to connect more with your customers, partners, and employees. Improve customer service, close more deals, and collaborate more efficiently with Salesforce Community Cloud and Sairoop technologies.

The way businesses handle customers is changing with new technologies. The Salesforce Service Cloud is one way to integrate industry-leading automation into your business operations with ease. Contact Sairoop today at 720-219-3430 to find out how we can help you put into place customer service into every aspect of your operations.