Salesforce Assessment Planning

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Assessment in Salesforce is All About Doing Things Better

As you’re evaluating a new Salesforce installation or tweaking your existing one, assessing your needs and developing a systematic plan to account for market changes, user suggestions, long-term strategy and goals, is the first step. That assessment may involve a variety of business activities and technical expertise… Sairoop has the experience and skills to partner with you from devising the plan through implementation.

To begin, you’ll want to identify and analyze your challenges and any obstacles that exist. It can be useful to have an objective third party to survey the data and interview users to gain clarity about your situation and recommend actions. Once you know what you want to accomplish, Sairoop will collaborate with your team to create a well-ordered plan to move forward.

Key Challenges in Salesforce Assessment Planning for the Cloud

  • Appropriate management of investments and costs associated with your current infrastructure and processes; compare it with the operation efficiencies of moving Salesforce to the cloud.
  • Understanding your security and compliance requirements and evaluating how it will affect your organization and processes.
  • Developing a change strategy that involves user training, user adoption, eases user anxiety and understands existing system interfaces and processes.
  • Creating a migration strategy that provides the best business benefit. That means, devising an application and data migration road map and implementing a data migration strategy that can allow your systems and processes to work efficiently.

Benefits of using Sairoop Salesforce Customization Services

  • Successfully and efficiently transform the way you utilize Salesforce services by incorporating our extensive experience in end-to-end cloud solutions.
  • Reduce your time to market and maximize ROI using our strategic processes and technical expertise.
  • Analyze, design, implement and deploy your cloud components with confidence using out highly structured and proven plans.
  • Find solutions that exceed all industry software development standards and reduce your operating costs, allowing for improved scalability and efficiencies.

Technology is always evolving and so is the market. Take advantage of your Salesforce platform to boost sales and improve the customer service that drives your long term growth. Over the years, we’ve done hundreds of Salesforce plans and assessments and can benchmark your results against best practices we’ve observed.

Get started on your Salesforce assessment planning and unlock the power of your sales potential. Please contact us or call 720-219-3430 to speak with one of our consultants.