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With the explosion of Social Media, Smartphones and mobile apps, the way you engage with your supporters has changed. You now have an opportunity to interact more and deliver better programs and services and ultimately raise more resources using Salesforce for Non-Profits.

Sairoop makes it possible to track every interaction you have with members, supporters and volunteers and to use that information to build a stronger community, streamline your services and deliver engagement on any device. Salesforce provides non-profits a platform to take your resources to the next level.

  • Better Programs: Using automation, you can eliminate manual workflows that are repetitive and time-consuming and spend less time on paperwork. Collaborate with your volunteer network to build communities where your supporters can make connections and build a shared knowledge of how to fulfill your mission. Salesforce provides the tools your non-profit team needs to support your participants and track your progress.
  • Better Communication: Target and send important messages easily with your team as they interact with your supporters. Join the conversation on social media and comment on current issues affecting your mission, building advocacy and providing a channel to deliver information that impacts your cause.
  • Better Fund-Raising: Using mobile apps customized by Sairoop to mirror your existing processes, you can make your volunteer management, events management and fundraising efforts a comprehensive source of information for your organization. Connecting supporters means deeper commitment and better results.

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