“This was a herculean effort that spanned across 600,000 users and 100,000,000 records migrations.”


International IT Solution

Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Implementation

The Challenge

A global supplier of IT hardware and software desired to create a new operating company out of one of its existing business groups.  It intended for the newly created entity to be segregated onto a new Salesforce.com application stack, thereby creating a new instance of the application.

The Solution

Sairoop facilitated the build-out of a new production (target) org configuration that enables feature parity with the source org. This included all metadata and custom application code.  Following the target org configuration, we executed a full data migration and designed a process to facilitate incremental data loads.  This encompassed migrations of functionality, customizations, integrations, and computer telephony.  In completing the project, our developers migrated the customizations between the testing environments and the production environment, and also provided production rollout support and our staff training program.  Specifically, the major deliverable for the project was the organization split with over 800 custom and standard object migrations.  This was a herculean effort that spanned across 600,000 users and 100,000,000 records migrations.

The Results

The customer now has a technology solution that is matched up with its strategic business decision to create a separate operating company from one of its legacy business segments.  We’ve helped this large corporation with the software development aspects of achieving the efficiencies it desires through making a change in the structure of the organization.

Key Services

  • Data Migration
  • Metadata Deployment
  • Visualforce, APEX development
  • Functionality Migration
  • Customizations Migration
  • Integrations Migration
  • Computer Telephony Migration
  • Data Migration Tooling
  • Environment Management