“The massive use of excel for reporting was a major roadblock as updates from Microsoft seemed to create ripple effect on productivity.”


Lodging Solution

Network & Website Implementation

The Challenge

This firm’s original asp.net solution had become hard to maintain due to the use of a non-industry standard format.  An overhaul of the database was required as well as various platform customizations, reporting enhancements, custom skinning, and a migration from ASP.NET to Salesforce Visualforce. For several years Sairoop Technologies has maintained the firm’s SQL Server based application.  Additionally, Sairoop needed migrat all data, reports and business login from from SQL Server / Excel to Salesforce and was been asked to redesign the client’s external website. The massive use of excel for reporting was a major roadblock as updates from Microsoft seemed to create ripple effect on productivity.

The Solution

After carefully reviewing the business needs of our Client, Sairoop recommended the company retire its .NET Web Form/SQL Server technology stack and move to an enterprise setup that utilizes cloud-based industry standards. In designing the client’s new data model and website, we retired the .NET-based public facing user interface and replaced it with a Visual force based state of art Subscriber Portal. The administration and data would be managed and aggregated in salesforce and the webfront by Visualforce sites. A seamless data migration was setup so that no data gets lost. A slick data integration was also put in place so there was also a rollback plan in case things did not pan out or dreaded excel was still required during the transition.

The Results

This client has experienced a tremendous increase in business process efficiency now that its system has been transformed into a format that meets the industry standard.  Further, the new external website offers Search Engine Optimization, thus improving the firm’s search ranking.  In turn, the business is able to attract more targeted traffic, engage and retain user involvement, and in general convert more website visitors into customers.  With custom integration with google analytics a specific user behavior could be tracked to find out the way the trends can be used to convert information into revenue.

Additional benefits we have achieved include enhancements to interactive reporting, email communications, lead management (including lead workflow automation), and report archiving.

The clients now have the whole travel industry information and their customized reporting tools at their fingertips. The average session time on the website has has a quantum leap.

With clever use of Javascript, Jquery, High Chart, Kendo UI together with the power of Visualforce the interface is now something that can be truly called state of the art. And did we mention no more dependency on Excel!

Key Services

  • Key Services Offered
  • ASP.NET to Salesforce Platform Migration
  • Data Migration
  • Real Time Data Aggregation
  • Portal: Authenticated Website
  • Visual Force Javascript based Subscriber Portal