“Sairoop Technologies consolidates various business units using disparate salesoforce instances into a single salesforce instance “


Salesforce Consolidation For Digital Marketing Firm

The Challenge

This ad service company had effectively implemented four variations of Salesforce for their sales team. They had multiple business units using Salesforce differently and wanted to integrate data and processes across instances and make one universal standard.


How Sairoop Helped

The best path forward was for our senior engineer meet with their service manager onsite for a couple of days. This allowed us to whiteboard the desired path and process alongside them and gain an understanding of their processes and their goals for the project. We started off with a discovery project that helped our team understand the ways each business unit operated, the things they had in common and where their needs differed. Sairoop technical team put together a data model that allowed for the various business units to thrive within the same organization. They aligned the sales processes as much as possible and allowed for business unit specific processes to coexist but still follow the same underlying data model that supported reporting across the business units. Detailed field level analysis and data level analysis were performed to eliminate the redundant, duplicate and unused fields and data. Seamless data migration was performed by Sairoop’s data migration experts to prevent any critical data loss.


The Results

Simplified Data Model and manageable support processes

Clean data

Simplified and easy to maintain security model

Integration with back end systems following interface pattern

With custom reports and dashboards, client is now able to see sales efforts across all the business units and be able to see revenue by clients, products and business units.

Overall, with the help Sairoop, client was able to increase revenue, lower support costs and decrease case resolution time while providing an exceptional customer experience.


Key Services

  • SFDC Org Consolidation
  • Multiple systems real time integration with Salesforce
  • Informatica
  • Various Data Migration
  • UI Configuration and Customization
  • Marketo


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