“Client benefits from Sairoop’s Client Engagement and Attrition Management best practices”


Salesforce Client Engagement and Attrition Management

Service Cloud Implementation

The Challenge

Our banking client was looking at leveraging salesforce platform in raising awareness about determining various client engagement initiatives and look at client attrition risk and proactively managing client termination risks.

How Sairoop Helped

Using a combination of salesforce reporting tools and salesforce customizations and Apex, we were able to create an end to end solution that took signs of client attrition and escalated them to the higher management based on client sizing and volume trends. Adding various surveys and usage analytics to put together a picture of the client that indicated areas of worries to client retention and areas of opportunities to increase client engagement.

The Results

  • We were able to replace error prone excel based process reporting with automated attrition best practices.
  • The client was able to retain and grow their collaboration with business stake holders to understand the factors that impact attrition.
  • Helped the client lower costs because client needs were studied and managed before they escalated.
  • By integrating the whole system, it produced transparency through the whole sales funnel and made it easier for marketing, sales and customer services to get on the same page.
  • Through Salesforce, it became easy to run reports of customers whose last interaction was a while ago, e.g. 6 months ago.

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