“Sairoop successfully completes Salesforce CTI Integration for the Banking client”


Salesforce CTI Integration


The Challenge

Our banking client was looking at leveraging CTI integration for salesforce to allow both the sales and services team to be able to have proper context of who the caller was.  The ask was that client information appear when they call in, so that sales/service consultants could properly authenticate the user and have access to their data and speak knowledgeably with the client. The desire was for CTI to match the inbound calls based on the data and display the contact record. The system needed to be intelligent enough to handle payroll employees that used the bank’s payroll processing services to be authenticated based on their current company, when the caller could potentially belong to multiple employers.

How Sairoop Helped

We partnered with the telephone provider in creating a custom solution that was able to access the back end data and salesforce data to meet the complex authentication and usability requirements of the client.

The Results

  • Seamless end to end integrated CTI solution that allowed sales and service consultants to support authenticated users.
  • Saved time for the sales and services representatives as well as the customers and made the entire process more efficient.
  • The Salesforce CTI Integration not only made the reps’ lives easier, but it also gave management a detailed view of all sales activity. When reps use their phones through the CTI, all their activities are logged, recorded, and tracked.
  • This integration improved efficiency and helped make the brand stronger and it also empowered the employees significantly.

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