“How Sairoop created an end to end Data Integration solution for the client in an automated fashion”


Salesforce Data Integration


The Challenge

When your organization is responsible for keeping track of the money and property of millions of individuals, you can be sure that data is going to be one of your most pressing concerns. Our client realized that their need to data management had to go above and beyond when it came to connecting with client’s Stale data, and this was not going to be manageable at any cost. The current state was that their data was integrated with various other bank systems/processes through various combinations of manual downloads and file transfers which were prone to errors and were labor intensive.

How Sairoop Helped

Our team was able to create an end to end solution that integrated the salesforce data and some relevant data from the other systems into salesforce in a near real time manner in a completely automated fashion.

Providing the ability to be more personalized to the clients as the data in salesforce was consolidated to their up to date view across all the back-end systems and processes. The dashboard and reports were looking at current UpToDate data providing the higher up ability to see the wealth stats across the enterprise.

The Results

  • End-End automated and integrated data solution
  • Reduced 80% of manual work
  • Increased 40% of productivity and 49% of efficiency

Key Services

  • Informatica
  • CLIQ
  • Sales Cloud


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