“Sairoop Technologies helps the Banking client with the integration of DocuSign”


Salesforce Docusign Client Onboarding Integration

The Challenge

Our banking client was looking at leveraging DocuSign integration for salesforce to allow the sales team to be able to


  • Prepare RFP documents using the CPQ tools
  • Send documents to clients to sign
  • Clients receive an email to sign the loan repayment agreement
  • All parties receive confirmation
  • Signed forms needed to be saved to the salesforce and the onboarding process needed to use the information within manual entry or intervention.


How Sairoop Helped

The biggest challenge to the above requirement was to integrate DocuSign into the mix with multiple Quote to cash tools used for creating the agreements. Out team took the data from the agreement object(s) and converted them to DocuSign friendly PDF and initiated the signage process. Once the documents were signed by the interested parties, our automation sent the entered information into the appropriate objects to allow the automated end-to-end onboarding process to continue without intervention.

The Results

  • End-End automated onboarding and contract management with DocuSign working behind the screen without user intervention.
  • Created paperless environment which helped them to quickly locate and disseminate information, access client information faster, save on postage and printing expenses and helped automate back-ups.

Key Services

  • CPQ
  • Callidus Cloud
  • Apttus
  • Quote to Cash
  • DocuSign
  • Sales Cloud
  • Contract Management


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