“Sairoop helps the client get better return on their sales and marketing efforts”


Salesforce Leads and Opportunity Management


The Challenge

Our banking client was looking at leveraging salesforce to increase sales and marketing efforts. The bank wanted to be able to automate systems and processes that would lead to more leads being converted into clients.  Employee adoption was also a major concern.

How Sairoop Helped

Our team was able to help them not only recognize opportunities to help our customers immediately, but also to better plan their life journey. We enabled them to adopt a customer-oriented approach. We worked on improving their client engagement and provided all the data they had in various back end systems available to the sales teams at their fingertips. The goal was to not only bring in new leads but convert old leads into new customers. Providing the 360-degree view of the customer data that everyone could trust was a big step in increasing the employee adoption.

The Results

  • End-End automation
  • Lead nurturing and sales, account and contact management
  • Old leads being converted into new customers

Key Services

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Sales Cloud
  • Data Integration


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