“Sairoop delivers Market Automation solution for its Banking client”


Salesforce Market Automation with Exact Target Yoddle/Tsys Integration


The Challenge

The banking system back end needed real time alerts from the Yodlee web services to update its database. The messages that came from Yodlee and TSYS web services needed to be consolidated into a single source to feed into the marketing analytics back end of exact target.

How Sairoop Helped

  • We worked with the teams in understanding the various messaging infrastructure and created a highly scalable web services handler that was able to consume real time usage alerts from various web services and send the information into Exact Target.
  • Sairoop also created an endpoint that will read the incoming xml messages, decide on who the sender is based on the schema and then serialize it to an Object and invoke Web Service extension calls to get the message recorded into the database.
  • Different performance scenarios were used during the performance testing. Scenarios differ from the number of virtual users used, wait time and number of loop. Main performance points used were how many users the server can handle to do one cycle.

The Results

  • The client was able to get real time alerts with the different performance scenarios that were used during performance testing. This consolidated effort saved the client time and money.
  • This integration helped the client to streamline the entire process that increased efficiency.
  • The client was also able to simplify user interfaces for all the data processing.
  • It helped the client enrich their email programs with customer data across all channels and offered great flexibility for users.
  • This integration allowed the client to seamlessly combine their CRM data and digital marketing data together.
  • The client was easily able to create personalized, timely and compelling messages, automate and drive customer journey, boost customer engagement and improve sales and marketing results.

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