“Integration of Marketo with Encompass”



Integration of Marketo with Encompass

The Challenge

Our banking client was looking at leveraging Marketo integration for salesforce to allow sending proper email marketing content to the clients. The information that was needed to be able to send the marketing material that was relevant to the clients was in the back-end systems.

How Sairoop Helped

We assisted the enterprise by allowing the data from the back end to be synced with the data within salesforce and flow into Marketo. The data from the back end system was cleansed, deduped and transformed to meet the needs of the marketing team that wanted to know what products the clients had, what loans they are currently undertaking, whether its time for the clients to look into refinancing, whether the client is interested in a particular market condition that is inducive to them making a purchasing decision.

The Results

  • Bidirectional data sync between salesforce and the back-end systems
  • Marketo Implementation
  • Easy to use intuitive user interfaces for the sales and marketing teams that provided them with the relevant back end data without needing to login or export data in or out of salesforce or backend

Key Services

  • Sales Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Data Integration

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