“Sairoop seamlessly completes Outlook Integration for its Banking client”


Salesforce Outlook Integration


The Challenge

Our banking client was looking at leveraging outlook integration for salesforce to allow both the sales and services team to be able to use either outlook or SFDC for:

  • Managing their email communications to the clients
  • Allow support and case management from within salesforce for the service side

Most of the users/admins were confused about what to tell the business on what to expect and what are the limitations. Users not familiar with the functionality would continue to log cases asking for help and support. So, the rollout had to be properly documented and users trained to avoid creating a support nightmare for the admins.

Other issues included processing a lot of support activities that came in via emails from clients coming into particular mailboxes. This created a lot of manual activities for the support staff. The desire was to associate the emails with the appropriate client contacts and create cases with proper information.


How Sairoop Helped

Firstly, we worked on educating the business stakeholders on what the potential options for rollout are -what could be done out of box, what enhancement could be customized to assist the team in fulfilling their duties with ease and what approach we should take to ensure data consistencies for data created/modified via the outlook integration.

Using a combination of out of box and customization, we were able to resolve all of the issues and exceed the customer expectation of inbound emails to case processing in an automated manner.

The Results

  • End-End automated outlook integrated for user base of 4000+ users.
  • Seamless lead, contact and case management via outlook
  • Complete automation of case processing via ‘Inbound Emails to Case’ solution with auto creation of cases based on complex case processing rules. Auto process 500k+ emails a month.

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