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Salesforce Volunteer Management

The Problem

Our client is a non-profit in the field of education and they wanted to build a volunteer management platform that was user friendly at the back and front end. With so many volunteers and users, they were using a system that gave them little control over their data and made pulling reports difficult and they were unable to track most of their interactions with parents and volunteers. One of the primary improvements they hoped for was better usability with hand-held devices and making the page mobile friendly for the volunteers as well as better access to the data to keep track of all the activities at the back-end.

How we Helped

  • Sairoop helped the client with prioritizing their needs for the system. As we got a better understanding of their issues, we geared the new salesforce platform towards making the user interface as intuitive as possible.
  • Through Volunteer for Salesforce (V4S) technology, Sairoop helped the client set up volunteer management system that helped them manage all aspects of their volunteer management needs right from initial volunteer sign-up to reporting on volunteer hours/shifts.
  • We loaded all their bulk data through data migration into the new platform and we created bulk volunteer opportunities.
  • We helped them automate the recurrence schedule by creating jobs that appeared on recurring basis as well as schedule volunteers that have committed their time on a recurring basis.
  • Customized the volunteer management site to be mobile friendly by updating the V4S to use lightning components instead of the classic Visual Force page.
  • With Non-Profit Start-Up Pack, we helped the client connect everything that they are doing into one flexible platform.

The Results

  • We helped the client with the creation of an easy to use calendar (image 1) where the volunteers could view all the activities for the month in one page and then just click on the activities of their choice and sign up. This gave them the opportunity to have access to all the activities in one page and improve communication between the client and its volunteers.
  • Image 2 shows us details of one select activity where the volunteers get detailed access to the duration, occurrence and frequency of that activity.
  • The non-profit-startup-pack gave the client a flexible platform that empowered them to run their volunteer program better and engage more deeply with the volunteers and ultimately increase participation.
  • Image 3 gives an inside look into how the volunteers are doing overall. They can track the hours, days and dates volunteered for as well as determine if they have met their volunteering targets.
  • Much better user experience for signing up for different events as everything was handled through the one landing page.
  • Much easier to manage for the client in the frontend and much easier to set up new events through the backend.
  • All volunteer activity was easily feeding into both the volunteers personal tracking as shown in Image 3 as well as the main volunteer page that showed the available open slots.

Image 1







Image 2







Image 3














Key Services

  • Non profit start up pack (NPSP)
  • V4S
  • Salesforce lightening components
  • Data Migration