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Sairoop partners with a variety of companies in service industries to help change the way they do business. Cloud computing, automating business practices, and moving to a system like Salesforce has helped companies across the globe succeed in ways they never thought possible. Let’s look at how Sairoop helped a resort and vacation lodging company with custom Salesforce development for their needs.

Custom Salesforce Development Helps Resort and Vacation Lodging Company

When approached by this company, Sairoop laid out a strategy that offered ASP.NET to Salesforce migration, data migration, real-time data aggregation and more. These needs were discovered by talking to the clients, outlining their goals, and discovering ways to use the existing processes in place within the realm of Salesforce and its applications.

One of the biggest challenges to overcome during development was working with a non-industry standard format setup for the company’s ASP.NET platform. An overhaul of the database was also necessary, along with platform customization, enhancing reporting structure and skinning before the migration itself took place. Sairoop’s biggest strength is in discovering these issues, in the beginning, coming up with practical solutions to them, and deploying them with as little disruption as possible.

The data migration process was a challenge because the company used Microsoft Excel to manage a majority of data. While Excel has its benefits for smaller companies and those just getting started, when it’s time for data migration, it can be harder to pull data from one place to another. Sairoop overcame this challenge to showcase how the automation process and Salesforce can improve productivity in ways you can’t imagine.

Sairoop took its time laying out a roadmap for success for this company, recommending first to retire its .NET web form/SQL server stack and move to Salesforce to replace those functions. The company’s current client-facing side of its business was replaced with a Visual force-based Subscriber Portal. The company-facing side of the business was integrated with Salesforce and Visualforce. Sairoop also put into a data migration process that included rolling back functionality in the event of any issues.

The plan Sairoop laid out from start to finish helped increase the business process efficiency for this resort and vacation lodging company. They were able to meet industry standards, best practices, and translate that into better business since the transition. Enhancements to everything from the website itself to lead management have increased the traffic flowing through the sales funnel for the company. Sairoop is proud to have helped this business succeed with a big leap into the future with cloud computing and Salesforce.

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