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When I was working on my last position for a junior Sales force developer, I received a resume from a job seeker. I was impressed looking at this resume as it had all the skills that I was looking for until I reached the education section of his resume, it said batch of 2016. The enthusiasm sank and made me write this blog on listing education on your resume.

Education is really the straight forward section , but there are a few factors that can make you resume look cloudy. Here are a few tips on how to list your educational qualification in your resume.

  • When you are listing the educational qualification, list the name of the institution followed by your degree and your area of specialization.
  • Work your way down from your highest degree to your under graduation or Associate Degree.
  • To capture the interest of the employers, be sure to list the courses that showcase the skill or your specialization.
  • Be sure to include any special accomplishments such as internship, a special project under your professors. Ensure the results are included too.
  • Include Academic honors to show that you have excelled in that particular field.
  • If you are a student, list your GPA in the educational section. However, including a lower GPA would be a potential problem. You can add your specialization score instead of overall score.
  • Some job seekers are concerned that their education qualification does not meet the company requirements. If you don’t have a degree but if you have whitepapers, seminars attended and training be sure to list them. This can cause the employer to overlook the lack of your degree.

Implementing these suggestions would give you a great start on the education section of your resume making it effective and efficient.