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If you’re using Salesforce, chances are you aren’t using it to its fullest capabilities. Most companies, especially small businesses, get started with Salesforce and never dig deep into what it can do for all levels of your business. If you’re in the lead generation business selling a product or service, utilizing Salesforce to automate lead distribution is key to signing deals and bringing on new customers.

Let’s look at why you should consider this type of automation.

Automating Lead Distribution with Salesforce

When running a business in today’s technological age, the more you can automate, the more time you have for other important tasks. Lead generation is often one of the easiest things to do as a business, but it’s what you do after with those leads that can make or break your company.

By using Salesforce for lead distribution, you can ensure that leads are not only going to the right person but that they’re being followed up on and deals are closing.

One of the biggest issues you’ll find with leads is how they are forgotten. If not immediately distributed to a sales person or customer service agent, they can fall through the cracks forcing a potential customer to go to the competition to get the service or product they need. If this happens often enough, you may find your company gaining a reputation for being unreliable at the start. That’s something no company wants!

According to a 2013 Velocify research study, automated lead distribution offers an 87 percent increase in response time and lead conversion. With automating business operations being more popular than ever, it’s mind-boggling to think of the possibilities of automating lead distribution with Salesforce. If you’re not automating this part of your business and you fin

If you’re working with a company like Sairoop, let them know from the start how you want to automate lead generation with Salesforce. They’ll be able to help you get Salesforce set up to work with your business operations and ensure you’re getting the most out of lead generation and distribution with Salesforce.