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Every day is a series of requests: eat with me, speak with me, hear me, understand this joke with me, laugh with me, tell me something, listen to an anecdote with me, sympathize with me – such a relentless stream of begging simply to have a lunchtime conversation. Is it any surprise that the seemingly plain act of connecting with others turns out to be so complex?

Yet here we are, a society of beggars, with our relentless individual bids for respect, power, admiration, empathy, praise, and a whole host of desires yet unfulfilled. But, let’s do business, lets trade in begging: If you are kind to me then I will return the kindness. If you text me tomorrow, then I will text you the next day and the weekend after. If you give me respect and the benefit of the doubt, then I will give you my own respect and admiration. A little love will find a lot of return. This isn’t just begging, this is begging as a business, knowing that other people are worthwhile investments if we only ask.

Yet, what about the risk? What about people and businesses who will turn their back on you? Merely use you for a Facebook like or a retweet. It is so easy to spurn beggars, after all! There are considerations to be made regarding those who trade and beg for respect and appreciation, versus those who would simply trade in ego and numbers. It’s a mess and it can get draining sometimes, rendering you completely powerless! The social equivalent of making a phone call in a dead zone, or sending an email that gets ignored.

Instead, value your bids and know who’s worth begging from. Like a loan from a bankrupt bank, expecting appreciation from another who doesn’t appreciate you and your value is a silly route to take. People like this beg from you a value in a language completely different from your own. Don’t beg this beggars! Work hard to receive value you want from your requests! Even if it *is* a simple lunch date you’re begging for, hopefully the food is good, and the company worthwhile.