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Everyone wants to hire highly skilled and talented employees for their team. However, hiring just for the skill does not make your team effective and performing.  Most of the organizations focus on grades, experience and skills and downplay personality and character traits.

Skill and personality are two different things. A highly skilled candidate might not have a suitable personality for a job however a candidate with low skills might be a great fit for the team. Both skills and personality are important for the success of the team.

Personality traits play an important aspect in determining your roles in a job, communication within your team and the values or views that match with the rest of the team members.  While the above mentioned points are psychological factors, a combination of technical and personality traits can lead the best results.

Here are some tips for the recruiters/hiring managers to build a team with personalities and not just skill

  • Each member of your team has a set of strengths and weaknesses in subject area, technical ability, learning ability, and too many other soft factors to enumerate. When recruiters/Hiring managers hire a new person, you’re trying to find a fit for the existing strengths and weaknesses. For example, a team with good technical skills and learning curve that has gotten a little complacent about trying new technologies may benefit from a person with a lot of passion for new technology.
  • People perform differently under situations. Recruiters/ hiring managers should not hire based on ideal abstract. Many of the best hires seem to be from diverse experiences and unfamiliar backgrounds.
  • Hiring managers should also look at hiring people who are able to communicate, share knowledge, take responsibilities and work as a team than working as an individual. These may not be technical skills but these traits are very important.
  • Certain personalities work excellent in one group while they may be not be a great fit in another team. It is the responsibility of the Hiring managers/recruiters to place them in a team that suits their personality in addition to their skill set.

Building a team with different personalities is embraced and encouraged and has significant positive impacts on the workplace. We are sure that Mix personalities will shape the success of your team.