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Gone are the days, where you learnt a technology and could use it for a lifetime. In today’s work environment the need for continuous development has become a norm. Continuous learning means further expanding of our skill sets thus enabling us to come up with better ideas and innovations.

Organizations are leaning towards “Learning worker” as compared to “Knowledge workers”. They have created conducive environment that supports and encourages individuals to learn for themselves.  Many individuals are working towards this as it gives a competitive edge at work and help them to seek new opportunities to showcase their learning.

As a recruiter, I have faced situations where the clients are willing to hire a person who they think could be trained to perform his day to day activities. They were able to identify the “learning worker” in that individual and the candidate turned out to be successful eventually.

Here are a few advantages of being a learning worker:

  • Continuous learning keeps your brain active and keeps you in a state of readiness.
  • It boosts your confidence.
  • Nonstop learning gives you more opportunities. You will have more transferable skills that you can take anywhere.
  • Learning helps to upskill your talent and contributions you bring to the table as an employee and makes you the most sought after.
  • In addition to the learning in your area of work, make time to learn more about your personal interests. They add an important dimension to our lives and it should not be neglected.

Decide on what skills or specific knowledge that would help you improve your life. Read a book, ask a lot of questions or attend trainings to “Learn” as it is a matter of survival!

Start learning today and reap the benefits forever.