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Have you taken a career break for raising kids, care for a loved one, any illness or a number of other reasons? If yes, the first question that comes to the mind would be “Will I have trouble finding a job?” Even the thought if an interview could be nerve wracking as you might have to brush up on a lot of skills that haven’t been used in a while plus answering questions on the career gap could lead to sharing personal information.  While some organizations are open to hiring people who had taken a career break, some organizations are concerned about their commitment and disconnect that they may have with trending systems and technologies.
When you feel that you have lost your “Professional Identity”, it might be hard to find it again but it is not impossible.  Here are a few tips to answer questions on your “Career gap”.

  • The Interviewer would be interested in the reasons for the “Career Gap” and what you did during the period of unemployment. The interviewer is going to view personal reasons, Education favorably. However, inability to find a position can be viewed negatively.
  • If you have kept yourself busy during the break through freelancing, temporary work, part- time, or volunteering, use them to showcase your skills. It also portrays you as someone with initiative and drive.
  • Another major concern would be time that you might need to get back on foot as you have been out of touch with current industry trends and development. Address their concerns by showing that you can quickly get to speed at your new job. If you have learned any new skills as a part of your temporary jobs or volunteering, elaborate your experience and how it helped you to return to work.
  • It is very important to explain why you are ready to get back to work and why this is the right time to do so. This makes the employers understand that you are mentally and physically prepared to get back to work and shows your commitment levels.
  • Be flexible. Salary for one, should not be the big deciding factor. Do not compare your paycheck with someone who has started with you and grown while you had a break. The compensation should be calculated with your experience in mind.

Ultimately, those who want to return to work, there is always hope. We believe that Professional success is possible at all stages with confidence, hard work and networking.