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DOCSIS Network Engineer

By February 19, 2016Job Postings

Joining the engineering team responsible for DOCSIS products, services and technology.

** Who we Are

Sairoop is a small woman-owned business looking to find people to make waves for our clients in the realm of IT and Software development. We work with candidates on an individual basis with an emphasis on both personal growth and organizational development. We help both commercial and government clients overcome their demanding IT gaps, and we help candidates realize their top value.

** About our Client

Our client in the DTC is looking for a candidate to be part of a great team. It’s a larger company with an established presence that serves clients nationwide. It’s a great place to work for a structured environment to help you focus on building a system.

** What You’ll be Doing

You’ll be a key contributor to the development and deployment of DOCSIS CPE devices and platforms that include CCAP CMTS from several vendors along with ARRIS E6000, Cisco 10K Traditional, Cisco 10K M-CMTS, Cisco RFGW-10.

You’ll be responsible for testing, evaluation, integration and configuration of Charter DOCSIS and PON platforms.

You’ll accomplish activities related to system design, equipment configuration and installation, integration, testing and service validation prior to commercial deployment.

You’ll troubleshoot and analyze transport, software and networking configurations for internal lab teams and Charter operations.

** What we’re Looking For

Requires strong technical skills working knowledge of the DOCSIS Specifications including the following technologies; DOCSIS 1.0, DOCSIS 1.1, DOCSIS 2.0, DOCSIS 3.0, CCAP, DSG, IPv6, BSoD, Remote-Phy, DAA, and Packet Cable amongst others.

Experience activating and maintaining customer premise equipment (CPE) per the DOCSIS and PacketCable specifications

** What we’re Offering

This is a longer contract for a large corporation. With a competitive rate, you’ll work hard to produce great results!