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They say that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. And when it comes to impressing a freelance recruiter or someone from the recruiting firm, the job seekers must make sure that they push all the right buttons along the way to getting hired. A recruiter is an integral part of the whole hiring and selection process and is the first contact the candidates have with their potential organization. So, it becomes extremely important to impress the recruiters on paper and in person. Candidates are expected to conduct themselves a certain way to stay in the good books of the recruiter. Here is a list of common faux-pas that put-off recruiters that candidates can avoid.

  • Faux-pas with respect to Resume: When candidates apply to a position and they don’t have their resume updated, it leaves the recruiter with an impression that they have not put in the efforts to update their resume and they are not serious about the position. Also, coming to an interview without a copy of the resume also shows how unprepared they are about the interview.
  • Response time of the candidates: When recruiters have a hard time reaching candidates or hearing back from them, it delays the initial screening process and the candidate could lose out on the opportunity of moving forward. Some candidates have a slower response time and are not prompt enough when it comes to scheduling interview steps, sending necessary documents or information that the recruiters ask for. This will make the recruiters look for other candidates and would move forward with them.
  • Fluctuations with their Demands: Candidates who go back and forth on compensation or other terms like relocation or start date which were agreed upon previously can be a huge turn off. It can offset the whole recruitment process.
  • Being rude and taking the job for granted: When recruiters approach candidates and get an unfriendly and rude tone in return, the recruiter will avoid calling that candidate again. No one wants to talk to a rude person. If the recruiter has a choice between 2 equally competent candidates, the rude candidate will be given a second preference. Even if the candidate is not interested in the position, being nice and declining the offer politely wouldn’t hurt. Also, candidates must not think that they are entitled to the job and start taking the whole recruitment process for granted. That can also be another faux-pas to avoid.
  • Excessively Friendly Behavior: Recruiters also don’t feel comfortable when candidates become extra friendly. Candidates must not mistake recruiter’s friendliness for something else and start flirting with them. This kind of inappropriate behavior won’t take them too far in their job hunt.
  • Being Dishonest: All the recruiters know that candidates may twist the truth a little bit just to boost their chances of moving forward. However, candidates should not lie so much that the recruiters stop believing in them. For example, lying about why there is a work gap on their resume or why they moved between jobs that often could be a red flag.

I think the recruiter candidate relationship is complex. Each party is interested in the other and has certain expectations from the other. If one of them shows signs that are alarming, there are chances that this relationship might fall apart. It may affect the candidate more than the recruiter. Hence, I would advise candidates to watch out for these faux-pas and leave a lasting impression on the recruiters.