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Marketing cloud is a comprehensive platform covering all aspects of new age marketing that every company needs. Be it a simple email marketing or digital marketing excellence, the market cloud is an expert. The term cloud marketing encompasses all of a company’s online marketing efforts. Portals give companies new ways to present products, customer engagement, and push messages. The cloud marketing has opened up huge new commercial avenues that allow businesses to connect with their customers more intimately, from online stores to Twitter feeds.

Marketing automation systems provide an efficient way to maximize the profitability of every client inquiry, be it a new prospect or an existing customer. Cloud-based Salesforce marketing offers support systems such as funnel filling programs and laser-focused campaigns that drive inquiries resulting in more predictable revenue cycles and increased profitability.

The marketing cloud enables you to
• Automate your email campaign with relevant messages throughout the cycle.
• Go cross-channel and extend your digital marketing strategy by adding mobile to your email and social campaigns.
• Become a social conversation driver by enabling customers share feedback on your product vs your competitor.
• Helps predictive analytics and thus identifying trends on your web properties, on mobile, trends within the social sphere and trends around user behaviors based upon persona across
these channels.
• Build your marketing and publishing calendar

Sairoop Technologies helps clients to recognize the right tool to meet the company’s needs. We help you in creating and delivering marketing cloud solutions including solution design, scoping and planning activities, gather data for integration, automation and account configuration. We will lead the process ensuring on-time marketing cloud implementation with a high degree of customer satisfaction. We provide a variety of automated marketing services for Salesforce in addition to handling any technical programming, integration or implementation challenges with 3rd party applications. Paired with comprehensive training, our implementation services would be the best that you can ask for. With Sairoop’s renowned customer support, you are in good hands the moment you begin with your marketing cloud implementation. Here’s a detailed description of our implantation process.

Assessing the Client’s existing system: This is the primary step in implementing marketing cloud. Sairoop does a complete evaluation of existing clients, understanding their needs, analyzing their campaigns, email content and their social media interaction. We evaluate your challenges and recommend explicit plans to get your system, processes and team on the same page.

Data Cleansing: Data clean-up is fundamental to any Marketing success. By enhancing the data quality at the entry point into your marketing/sales infrastructure, both marketing and sales departments will spend less time researching lead information and more time on engaging and qualifying new leads .Sairoop uses a combination of customized or automated processes that can clean up your existing data by duplicate elimination, industry correlation, synchronization with other databases and data updates.

Technical Setup – Implementing any marketing cloud provides a general tracking code that can be added to any page you wish to and helps you monitor and record your analysis. Pardot provides a baseline scoring model that helps your team identify the best leads based on their activity such as email open, event registration, redirect click, form handler submission, file access and many more. Today’s Marketing CRM allows to modify the base line scoring via automation rules, during imports, manual changes and resetting your lead’s score.

Vendor Selection: Marketing automation technology isn’t always tailored specifically to each business or business category, so the wrong choice could actually make your marketing department less productive. Your goals are unique; it’s imperative that your software includes the features that support them. Technology is the foundation of marketing automation and making the decision about what technology to use can be complex. We can help. We’re proud to partner with visionary marketing service providers like Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Salesforce, ExactTarget, HubSpot, ReachForce and adhere to highest standards of professional behavior and ethic in vendor selection.

Marketing systems integration: Sairoop integration services optimize your investment by architecting and implementing systems, databases and technical integration. In order to get the most out of your marketing automation and CRM systems, they must integrate with your existing business processes and technology. Even with advancements in APIs and sharing protocols, connecting different systems can be time-and resource-consuming. We have the expertise to perform a comprehensive overview of your systems and provide a detailed development plan that includes architecture, design, execution, and testing/QA.

Marketing Analytics: Of the thousands of items you can measure, track, test and report, we focus key metrics and trends that help drive your business in a meaningful way. Take your Salesforce marketing solutions to the next level by utilizing our deep expertise in marketing automation and the Salesforce platform. With marketing analytics you can answer questions like
– How are your initiatives working today? How can we improve them?
– How are your initiatives performing as compared to your competitors?
– How are you spending your budgets and what are the channels we have not used to improve revenue?
– How to prioritize your investments for the next quarters?

Training and Support: When you implement your marketing automation, CRM or some other Marketing technology, we will create relevant training programs to suit your needs.

Our customization’s achieved all intended results for our clients across industries. You think marketing cloud is for your organization? We are just a call away.