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Employee Handbooks are a must have for all business. Making them and wording them well could be a tedious process. But it works in the best interest of the employers to have an Employee Handbook. When someone starts a business, the only idea they have in their mind is to grow the business, be profitable and increase the number of employee count. When the business is small and you only have a handful of employees, employers may think that there is no need for an employee handbook. But if the same small business owner wishes to grow the business, the employers need to have an employee handbook in place to make sure the policies and expectations are clear, standardized and are communicated in the right way.

Employers can benefit from having an employee handbook in several different ways:

  1. An Employee Orientation Tool: An employee handbook can work as a key tool during the employee orientation process. It is a nice way of introducing new employees to the company and helping them understand the company culture and values. The handbook communicates how you, as a company are offering exciting benefits, complying with all the laws and are a company that the employees can take pride in.
  2. Provides a Point of Reference: Employee handbooks help employers lay out the policies in a clear-cut and well-written manner that are consistent for all the employees. This helps maintain transparency and lets the employees understand what is expected of them and what kind of benefits are offered to them.
  3. Bridge the gap between the higher management and employees: An employee handbook helps the employer and upper management communicate effectively with the employees. It also lets employees know whom to contact if they need any help in any work-related issues or even if they need information on anything, the handbook most probably will provide it to them.
  4. Protects Employers: When the employee handbook is in place and all the policies and rules are noted efficiently, it can prevent the employer from any sort of liability. A well-documented and thorough handbook could protect employers in case an employee decides to file a lawsuit against them.

Whether a company has 2 employees or 2000, an employee handbook is a must have for employers. It is that sacred document that helps employers build relationship with their employees which could take the company a long way.