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If you’re considering using Salesforce, you may be overwhelmed by what the company tells you it can do, what other companies tell you it can do, and, in general, moving to a more automated business practice. Everyone seems to have an opinion on Salesforce and what it can do, here’s an example of Salesforce in action so you can understand what it can give back your business.

Salesforce Can Automate Any Task

When it comes to using Salesforce, it can be customized for just about any business or organization. Whether you’re selling food, offering a service, or running a non-profit, Salesforce can be customized and optimized to fit your needs.

For example, let’s say you’re a small non-profit looking to capture donation information to use for thank you cards, future campaigns, and to build a database of donors that may donate at a certain time of the year. Salesforce can integrate the information from the initial donation, then add it to a variety of categories for access when you need it.

Let’s say you want to run a winter campaign, and you know a segment of your donors give during the holiday season. You can pull a list of those donors, and all their information, to ask them to think of your non-profit during the season. You’ll also be able to see whether they prefer to write a check or pay electronically, giving you an opportunity to either send a card in the mail reminding them or an email to encourage them to donate.

From there, Salesforce can help report on everything from how large the donations were to what prompted the donation to give you demographics on who is donating when, where, and how. You can then manage campaigns around this data to help target segmented audiences that might be more likely to donate.

Since Salesforce organizes this data for you in one place, you can pull the information you need to make better decisions and save on the time data collection takes away from other aspects of your non-profit, business, or service.

Imagine if Salesforce can take this basic information and turn it into actionable intelligence for you. Instead of gathering data in many places, pulling it from spreadsheets and other programs, it’s all at your fingertips. You don’t have to ask five people to get the complete picture about anything. Salesforce can do that and more.

If you’re looking for a way to gain time back from what you do, Salesforce can make it happen. No matter what type of business, service, or non-profit you run, Salesforce can make your life easier by integrating what you do, cutting out miscommunication, and give you one place to store everything you need to be successful.