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Job description is the easiest way for job seekers to get information about the job. As recruiters, writing a job description should be the first and one of the most important steps to advertise the job and make it look attractive. It is like giving character and personality to a plain job by writing about the skills, qualifications, roles and responsibilities and other pre-requisites for the job.

Before starting to write the job description, recruiters need a correct idea about:

  1. What the job expects you to do (candidate roles and responsibilities)

Job seekers get a better understanding of the job when they know what their roles and responsibilities would be at the job. This section tells them about how a day at work would look for them and what they are expected to do and work on.

  1. What kind of candidate fits into this role (qualifications, pre-requisites)

This section gives information about the candidate eligibility for the job. When a job description gives details about education expectation, experience, expertise, capabilities and abilities, it helps the job seekers decide whether to apply for the job or not. Reading this section, gives them a better understanding of how much of a fit they are into this position.

  1. What the nature of the job is like (contract, full-time, corp-to-corp, contract to hire, duration)

This section helps the candidates understand the nature of the job well and help them decide if they want to pursue the position or not. Some candidates prefer contract positions whereas some prefer only full-time positions. When a job description has information on the nature of the job, it allows the job seekers to filter the job search and find out if the position interests them or not.

  1. Brief information about the client

Having client information in job description is a bonus because it keeps the job seekers informed about what company they will be working for and in what kind of industry.

The job description is the starting point where a job seeker can feel a connect with the job and would want to pursue an opportunity if he/she decides it is worth the time and effort. Its only when recruiters have all the above information accurate and ready, can they put together a job description that can be attractive as well as informative.