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For either of these two ‘job descriptions’ are the pointer. Hence scanning the job descriptions will be of immense help to you. Job description highlights the primary requirements, responsibilities and qualifications for a job. In short this also helps the candidate understand the employer’s expectations and the work environment.

As you look through job postings initially, you may be unsure about how to use the information in these job descriptions. Here are some tips to help you out.

1)  Job descriptions will include Educational qualification, years of experience and the required skills to perform the job. Skills can be further broken into required and additional advantage skills. This would be the important area in the job description, and if you meet the desired qualification, be sure to emphasize them in your cover letter.

2)  Job duties would be the next important aspect in a job description. While the job duties can vary from job to job, make a list of job duties that you have done in your previous jobs as you go through the job description. Talk about your experience and expertise to the recruiter and the interview panel in an impressive manner which will put you in a better position.

3)  Look for keywords in the job description. Employers may ask candidates to answer questions about a certain skill which may be an important requirement for the job. Before you move away from the job description, you need to double check all such keywords and keep yourself prepared to answer questions.

4)  Asking a question regarding the job description that requires an answer from the employer is a way to tell that you have carefully read the description. It helps the employers separate the people who pay attention from the people who don’t.

When you are reading through job descriptions, be sure to look out for common phrases, and carefully read through the job qualifications and duties before deciding whether you want to apply for the job. Doing this helps ensure that you are applying for jobs that will be a good fit for you and you can be sure of clinching the issue.