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If you’re looking to recruit top-tier job candidates, you have to put the work in to attract that level of candidates. Many companies just throw a job up online, whether it’s their own website or on a job board and wait for the resumes to start rolling in. The issue with this is that not a lot of time or thought goes into your job description. That job description can make or break the quality of candidate that walks through your door for an interview. Here are some tips for how to recruit the best job candidates the next time you’re looking to hire.

Recruiting the Best Job Candidates

Recruiting the best job candidates to start with understanding the position you’re trying to fill. This goes beyond the typical job description. You want to ensure you include everything possible about the job, including realistic goals and expectations of the person applying for it. The more detailed you are, the more someone with little experience will consider applying. This weeds out some of the less desirable candidates and focuses on high-quality candidates that are up to the challenge.

Don’t waste your time posting a job description to Craigslist and other spammy areas of the web where anybody can apply. While you can find quality candidates this way, they’re often few and far between. Invest in better sites, such as Dice, LinkedIn, and Monster. These sites offer paid features that not only get your job posting in front of more eyes but also in front of the right ones, too.

Once you post your job, make sure to thoroughly vet all resumes that come through your door, not just the ones that look good. While cover letters and resumes may be the “first impression” people so rarely get to do over, you’d be surprised by how many job seekers just aren’t good at putting themselves on paper. By doing a little research online, you can determine if someone looks better than their resume showcases; if so, they might be worth a shot and you might even discover hidden talent other companies are overlooking.

When investing in a new hire, you have to invest in your own company first. By taking the time to look for the right person, you are guaranteed to recruit the best job candidate. Take the time to truly understand who and what you’re looking for, then begin the recruitment process.