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Have you ever thought that you are a good match to the job posting but yet not receive a call from the talent managers/recruiters.

If you did, then you are not alone thinking so.

Career Builder survey states “Company receives more than 75 resumes on an average for their open positions “Their research also states that 38% of human resources managers spend one to two minutes reviewing the application.

In order to stand a better chance of landing on your dream job, your resume needs to impress the recruiter. What are the things that a recruiter would love to see in your resume and how do you present it in a way that catches his/her attention.

  • Cover letter: A cover letter lets the recruiter know the type of position that you are seeking, your skills and qualification that make you the ideal candidate for the job. A strong Cover letter influences the recruiter to read the Resume.  Here are some important tips for writing a cover letter
    • Address the cover letter to the recruiter
    • Keep the cover letter simple and short
    • Highlight your skills and experience in accordance to the job posting
  • Your CV: “The Ladders” a job matching survey research shows that the recruiter uses a technique called “Eye Tracking” to analyze your details such as Name, Organizations that you have worked ,tenure and spends only 6 seconds to do so.   In order to pass the 6 seconds  screening test  , the resume should highlight the following
    • Skills and experience that is relevant to the job advertisement
    • Describe actual responsibilities and add numerical data wherever possible.
    • “Value additions” that you brought to the table and the impacts of the same.
    • Key activities performed with a split of locations/Geographies
    • Achievements/ Laurels received in the particular role
    • Your interaction with different clients/Managers/ Senior leadership if any
    • Use a clear font and enough spacing between sections

In conclusion, recruiters need to be very careful about their resume submission since a wrong fit would damage the client relationship. Make sure your resume has an organized layout, easy to read and key data that keeps the recruiter’s attention intact. Next time you submit a resume, remember you have only 6 seconds to make the Impact.