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When it comes to software as a service (Saas), trends are emerging that will set the tone for 2016 and well into the future. After looking at a variety of sources, we’ve put together a list of three important Sass trends to be aware of for the year. From there, expect to see these trends grow. Let’s look at each of these Saas trends and see where they’ll go in the future.

3 Saas Trends to Keep Your Eyes On

Immersive Cloud Strategies

Many companies are utilizing the cloud, but they’re not immersing every aspect of their business in it. This leaves gaps here and there with customer issues, data retention, and other implementation of cloud strategy that could tackle problems that’ll make your business operations better. It’s important to ensure you’re getting a fully-integrated cloud strategy for your business to succeed; if your cloud provider isn’t offering that, you’re in business with the wrong provider.

Data Security is Imperative

Data security is more important than ever, especially in the business world. If you’re not protecting your data, your client’s data, and everything in between, you risk losing your business in the event that data winds up in the wrong hands. Most businesses aren’t investing in the proper security for data when automating practices and moving to Saas. It’s imperative to make sure you have the best security in place as possible and hiring the right team to take care of that can make or break your business,

Saas is Its Own Industry

Saas has exploded. It’s become its own industry and it continues to grow month after month. Startups are forming around Saas, companies in the space are putting together IPOs, and the apps and technology behind the industry are growing at rates you never thought possible. As Saas becomes more integrated into industries across the world, expect to see it becoming a powerhouse for companies who want to do business right in the future.

Saas is becoming one of the most popular ways to automate, configure, and run business operations in a variety of industry. The three trends above will prove to dominate the industry in the coming years, focusing on stability, security, and growth across a variety of industries as well as its own.