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I had a chance to read an article in Forbes about “Is social media sabotaging real communication?” The studies suggests only 7% of the communication is verbal and the rest 93% is non-verbal.  I was trying to see how to use this study in the area of recruitment and what good can this do?

Most recruiters today identify their target candidates and conducts a cold call in an effective, professional and successful way. While this continues to hold true, there is a necessity to expand our horizons to reach out to our most important customers, “The candidates” through social media.  To grab the attention of the candidates, especially millennials you can follow the below techniques

  • Social technologies have broken the barriers of time and distance, helping us to interact 24/7 with more people. Most of the millennials prefer to use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook to interact with people. So as recruiters, be sure to check your LinkedIn profile every day and check who looked in to your profile. They might be your future candidates.
  • Networking is very important. Build value-adding relationship through professional networking sites. These contacts can be your candidates sooner or later.
  • Ensure you speak to contacts you have made in your social networking sites to understand their job expectations. If you do not have any requirement matching their expectations, you can be upfront to them about it. Whenever you come up with a position we can always refer to our earlier discussion and take it forward.
  • Post value adding material in addition to your job advertisement and build up creditability with your connections
  • If your connection refers a candidate to you, ensure you thank them for the referral and ask them to send a note to the candidate about the referral. Studies predict such introductions are 37% more likely to close the deal.

All these steps help you to make quality calls that are more efficient positive results. Recruitment is all about contacts and numbers and more active candidates leads more results.