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If you’ve never used a staffing agency before to find a job or fill a position, you may not realize how effective they can be with matching companies with people. If you’re a company looking to fill a position, you may be overwhelmed by the possibilities of listing an ad online, interviewing, and ensuring you’re hiring the perfect fit. That’s where staffing agencies come in and play the middleman, so to speak. They work with you to determine what you need, seek a qualified candidate for the position, and then transition them into your team.

Let’s look at three reasons why staffing agencies make a difference in hiring and why you should consider one the next time you have a position to fill in your organization.

3 Reasons Why Staffing Agencies Make a Difference

They’re looking for the right fit

When hiring someone on your own, you may be more concerned with certain aspects of qualification rather than the big picture. Staffing agencies are not only searching for the most qualified candidate for a position, they want to ensure they fit into the culture they’ll be working in, too. Many companies don’t realize the effect culture has on an employee or contractor, in fact, culture can derail even the most qualified candidate. That’s why it’s important to use a staffing agency to ensure a candidate is qualified for the job and will work well within your company environment.

Staffing agencies are with you every step of the process

Staffing agencies work with you before you even begin the hiring process to make sure you know what to expect every step of the way. This includes understanding who you’re looking to hire, what their job description will be, what your company culture is like, and more. From there, they can craft a job ad that attracts high-value candidate and reaches out to their network of candidates for the position. They interview, screen, and work with the candidate before they present them to you for the next steps. This helps cut unqualified candidates before they make it to your door for an interview.

Agencies take pride in what they do and it shows in candidates

Staffing agency reputations live and die on the value of candidates they present to companies working with them. This means that they have to scour through resumes, references, and other factors to ensure they’re only presenting the most qualified candidates to potential companies. After all, these candidates are only as good as the staffing agency. This means you’re likely to see better candidates by using staffing agencies instead of doing it yourself.

Staffing agencies are a benefit for any company that invests in one to find the right fit for growing their company. These three reasons above highlight just why you should invest in one the next time you can’t afford to hire the wrong person for your company.