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There are “N” number of ways to measure “success” in your career. For most of them it has been the pay packet, the title and the team size. But you reach a point where these become just measurements and you do not enjoy the day to day life.

Everybody has a different view about success. But if you are looking for a few ways to distinguish your success, here are a few tips.

Contribute and Make a Difference – Contributing and making a difference can make you feel successful than any pay check or title can do. Making an impact at work makes you feel “you have a voice”.

Challenge and feel motivated- Do not wait for someone to challenge you at job. Challenge and motivate yourself. Most of the people feel bored when you are not challenged enough. Keep yourself on toes and look for more challenging opportunities

Networking – If you have the habit of cultivating great relationships with your teams, external vendors, clients, and the management team, then you are doing a right thing! Having people who want to be in your team or a client who always praises you and looks forward to working with you will make yours a success story.

Stay focused – The advantage of prioritizing your work load is that the quality ends up being far better. If you have 10 things to be done, I would rather produce outstanding results on the important ones than produce 10 mediocre results.

Leave work with a Smile – when you are able to leave work with a smile that is the biggest success you have received. This is going to make you productive and you would look forward to coming to work

As much as you want to focus on moving forward in your career, it is also very important to take a step back and review what you have done. Paolo Gallo from the world economic Forum said “we’re all too often missing what really matters: not the destination of some far-off career pinnacle, but the journey of our working lives, and the meaning we ascribe to it”. I am convinced that it is 100 % true.