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These days there are hundreds of recruiting firms around, but it has always been a challenge to select the right one. We’ve received so many phone calls and emails from around the globe from firms who claim to be the best. Yet companies have to be careful in choosing the right recruiting firm as it costs time, energy, money and of course frustration and stress if the hire doesn’t work out. Following are guidelines we espouse in making the right hire.


Most important, the key rule of any business is knowledge. The firm should have understanding of its business inside-out. Working with someone who is fully knowledgeable about what they are doing is always a safe bet. Always set up a personal meeting with the owner, executive, or sales representative and ask them about their business. See if they are confident enough about what they are doing.

Relate to your needs:

Meeting your needs should be a priority for the recruiting firm. Even if the firm is very knowledgeable about the business, do they understand your needs and are they prepared to satisfy them? When talking to the firm, try to find out if both of you are on the same page in this regard. If the firm cannot relate to your needs, then they cannot deliver.

Ways and means are unique:

Each client is unique and so are their needs, so every one of them needs a unique solution, one that is customized to fill their needs. Stay away from a recruiting firm who is focused on temporary and legacy ways of developing solutions. This is again an important rule when selecting a recruiting firm. Make sure your recruiting firm has ability to customize to meet your needs.


You need to find a firm who has the courage to have full transparency in client-vendor relationship. For example, a recruiting firm who can come to you and say, “You are paying way too much for this position,” or “you are not paying enough for this position,” or even “this is not the right candidate in my opinion.” Long story short, you need a recruiting firm that is honest. After all, honesty matters.

Systematic services:

Systematic services have to be in place while looking for the right recruiting firm. A streamlined process is must-have for any company, so your recruiting firm also should have business processes in place. Streamline processes equate to being able to provide fast and consistent services. Techniques and processes a recruiting firm is using should elevate your business as well. Ask a related question of the recruiting firm and also visit their office if you need to, to try and understand their operation.

No Focus on Commissions:

Making money and increasing revenues for your company is the ultimate goal. But any company who is focused only on commissions is definitely a big no for you. Focusing on commissions or money usually creates a distraction, which negatively impacts performance. You as a client will suffer during the process and also from its end result. It’s very important to find a recruiting firm that is focused on outstanding work, not on commissions.

Transform excuses into solutions

Excuses, excuses, excuses is the “old school” formula now. You need to find a recruiting firm who has ability to transform every excuse into a solution, or I should say a unique solution as per your needs. Stay far away from a recruiting firm who is coming up with lots of excuses.