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With the use of widely available technology in today’s era, more organizations use skype and other video platforms to interview potential candidates. Video interviewing is preferred over a phone interview, as it saves money and time. It also gives them a platform to know more about you and how you will fit into their team.

Video interviewing takes little more preparation than a face-to- face interview. But it is very important to treat it with the same professionalism you would do for an in-person interview.

Here are some tips to rock your video interview

  • Be sure to download, install and test the application beforehand. Ensure positioning of the camera to frame your face, check the lighting of the area and test your microphone.
  • Look at the camera and not the computer screen, this way employer’s feel there is an eye contact.
  • Avoid slouching or fidgeting in the interview, good posture is important for making a positive impression. It is better to avoid movement when the interview is in progress.
  • Hold a mock interview before the video interview, it will give you a chance to become comfortable addressing the camera and will allow you to trial run the lighting, camera position and microphone.
  • Eliminate interruptions – Turn off notifications on the computer, silence your phone and ensure there is no one other than you in the room.
  • Dress professionally and make sure you choose a color that works for the video(Not too Bright)
  • A clean and simple background makes it professional and ensures it does not distract the interviewer
  • Try to avoid technical glitches. In case if something goes wrong, handle it with grace.
  • Keep your resume , note book and a pen handy during the interview process

The bottom line is treat the video interview as an in person interview .Give cues that you are actively listening, ask questions and send a thank you note post the interview.